Character:  Store Manager


Chris Kapcia:

Chris is an American actor originally from St. Clair Shores, Michigan, and moved to New York City when he was 19 years old. He was accepted in to the two year acting program at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. After graduating in 2006, he was asked to become a part of the 2007 Academy Company, where a select few would have a chance to perform professional plays and receive exposure to the industry as well. Chris decided it would greatly benefit him to accept. In total, he spent 3 years at the academy. He has also had the pleasure of studying with the renowned acting teacher, Wynn Handman and what a fantastic experience it has been!

 Chris has a history of directing,  producing, acting, and editing his own films with a collaborator, and he definitely knows his way around cutting a film and sound design. 

He loves the genuine feeling he receives when putting work in to a character he believes in and as a result, changing his audience's emotional perception. He has grown to love the film making aspect of this business and will continue to reach his goals and objectives through his constant observations, the new relationships he has with colleagues and his work ethic. He is always open to any challenges presented to him.

Chris decided to leave New York City after 10 years of living there, and recently moved to LA!   The warm weather suits him, and he is excited for the opportunities that will be at his finger tips!