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David M. Gutel has devoted his life to the visual format. Starting with the first five years being in Art Department he learned what it takes to be productive, efficient and collaborative. Ranging from Features to Shorts his experience is impressive for his age. Graduating from California State University Long Beach in 2014 with a Bachelors in Film Production with an emphasis in Directing; he has had a successful beginning. As a freelance Director he currently has multiple finished works, ranging from suicide prevention to comedy web-series. He has also been working with many producers to bring their projects to life through development and shooting proof of concept reels. He is also employed as a Director at JIG Reel Studios where he works with actors on making their personal acting reels. David finds that the visual medium is the only way to reach audiences on a personal level. “Through this you can establish a connection with your audience member and talk to them without saying a word.” What’s most important to David is the story, theme and characters. He has been considered to be a very productive and efficient director. He is well skilled in both the Digital and Film Format and understands how to tell a story visually. His goal is to reach people and challenge their ideas and open them to new perspectives. Some of his awards are through many film festivals along with being a 200 Finalist in HBO’s Project Greenlight. He believes that film making is a collaborative effort and can only be achieved through communication.

David Gutel: