Character Bio:  Leah Graham

New stay at home mom after leaving her career as an attorney.  She quickly learns how hard staying at home with the kids is and she struggles to find balance.  She’s in constant conflict if she wants to be a career woman or stay at home mom, but at the end of the day, she is just doing the best she can.


Raeann Giles

Raeann Giles is an award-winning actor/writer/producer and an MFA candidate of UCLA's school of Theater, Film and Television (2017). "Stay At Home Mom," which she created/produced and starred in has received over twenty nominations and wins internationally screening in festivals around the world including Vancouver Web Fest, Miami Web Fest and Rome Web Awards. "Stay At Home Mom: Season 2" will screen at the 2017 Vancouver Web Fest where it is nominated for Best Family.


At UCLA, Raeann has been a two time finalist for the Sloan Screenwriting Fellowship, in 2017 for her comedy feature, "Designer Kids" and in 2016 for her comedy feature, "Fluke." She was also the recipient of the 2016 Felicia D. Henderson Screenwriting Scholarship. While at UCLA Raeann is also an alumni of UCLA's Professional Program in Screenwriting, Professional Program in TV Writing, and adds the Professional Program for Acting in 2017.


Raeann is best known for her roles as "Leah" in "Stay At Home Mom" and "Sophia" in the drama series "Hacienda Heights."